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Safaa Mohamed Khaled

I always wanted do be a doctor and finally got into a program in Lublin. The tuition cost for the whole program is less than half a year cost in the UK or the US.

Sherif El Azmy

Thank you! I am happy in my apartment in Lodz waiting for the semester to start. I could not be more grateful to your staff to help me with all the paperwork with visa and the university to start my Masters in here.

Kelechi Okere

It is great that I can study (logistics in Wroclaw) and work to cover my expenses. Thanks to you my dream comes true.

Yana Ostrovska

I could not study in Ukraine so I decided to go to Poland. I was given a choice of 5 programmes in Managemet and I picked one in Warsaw. Quick turnaround and always positive attitude helped me a lot.


You can work as a student to cover your expenses or gain experience. There are numerous job opportunities to choose from. We will help you successfully land them.



Student apartment, dormitory or a studio - you will be able to choose from a range of options and successfully sign a valid contract that is necessary for a student visa.



You receive a list of carefully selected universities programmes that match your situation and we make sure you become a student there.



Successful Support

Step 6

Pack your bags and head for a hearty welcome in Poland.

Step 5

Submit your visa request and arrange a visit to a consulate.

Step 4

Arrange for your accommodation during the course of your study.

Step 3

Submit your application and accompanying materials.

Step 2

Collect all the relevant documents for the selected department.

Step 1

Create a short list of your desired study programs.

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All affordable


Tuition and living costs are one of the lowest in Europe. You can afford education and decent living.

Save and work


As a student you receive a number of discounts and can also work while studying

EU membership


You can easily travel across Europe, study in other countries and become EU resident too

Top universities


Polish universities are ranked among worlds best. Their diplomas are recognised worldwide.

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